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Hello once again, my beautiful customers.

You might be wondering what this is about. However, before I explain, I must clarify something first: if you see any pages with the Antique Bandit Interactive logo in orange at the top, that means that the page is probably official. Any pages that do NOT have the logo are hidden.

Now with that out of the way, let me start talking about this month's (October) ARG/Webseries of the Month. If you have no idea what an ARG or Webseries is, well, there's plenty of amazing sights to tell you. This page is a way to highlight the amazing creations people make that might go under the radar.

This month's series is TWRINTK!Note: any ARGs or webseries listed on here are not affiliated with Antique Bandit Interactive or "Viewpoint" in any way. We kindly ask that you do NOT harass anyone listed here, as they are not involved with the actions of Mr. Error, Watcher, or Black Hole, and will NOT have any idea what you are talking about.

What is TWRINTK? Well, as far as I can tell, it is more of a webseries at the moment, but it appears to be about an artificial intelligence. I'm already kind of telling you quite a bit too much already, but I highly suggest you go check it out.

Mr. Error, October 27th, 2019.

P.S. I know this is more of Watcher's thing, but I figured that I might as well use this website for something.

Hello again, beautiful customers.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and I for one would like to agree.

I'm not gonna lie; I was a little worried about what I would highlight this month, but then out of nowhere came something oddly familiar, yet so different at the same time.

It was actually quite the struggle, but I managed to find Sheriff Domestic, a parody(?) of everyone's favorite webseries, Petscop.

Seeing as it is similar to Petscop, I would recommend just watching it and making your own interpretations.

Mr. Error, November 2nd, 2019.

Hello again, beautiful customers. I'm sure you know the drill by now.

Keeping with the trend of Petscop-inspired series, I'm going to highlight a couple of channels, since it is the holiday season.

First up is a series that takes heavy inspiration from Petscop, so much so that it even mentions the series.

I'm talking about Mr. Maker, a series about a (current) demo of a game called Mr. Maker released on the Dreamcast where you collect hats. It even has its own "Newmaker Plane." Hatmaker Plane, perhaps? Anyway, it just started, but I hope it can find its soul.

Up next is Animal Police. It started in 2017, had four episodes, then stopped. It is believed to be one of, if not the first, Petscop "clones." Why am I talking about it now? Well, apparently, it is being continued as Animal Investigator on the channel AI Builds. It's also in a demo state, but it's already shaking off the Petscop vibes and doing its own thing. I hope to see more of it.

Mr. Error, December 4th, 2019.

Hello. Mr. Error's role has been taken over by a trusted ABI representative.

The series we are highlighting today is Starry Side Down, a series that happens to be over, but it's an interesting take on recycling something, in this case Teletubbies, into something different.

January 3rd, 2020.


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