Log 1

admina: You there?

clockface: What's up?

admina: I finally managed to find a recording of the Training game thing, so I don't have to bother recording the game.

clockface: You were still having issues?

admina: Yeah, but I managed to find a recording, like I said.

clockface: What's the game like?

admina: It's garbage, as far as I can tell. The budget appeared to be so shoestring that the people who worked on it were able to get away with saying that they couldn't finish it due to there not being a budget.

clockface: You said it was almost finished though.

admina: I don't . . . remember saying that.

clockface: Look, forget it. Is there anything else I need to know?

admina: Well, if you were expecting the Holy Grail of bad text games, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's just bad. The main narrator, when it's not a robot, sounds like you if you were held at gunpoint, and there's actual errors in the game.

clockface: Isn't there a "retail" password input?

admina: Yeah, there is, but it's in such an unfinished state that I can't possibly comprehend how they even got away with sending it out for review.

clockface: Sadly, it's too easy to sell clearly-unfinished products. Guess Antique Bandit was ahead of EA when it came to reeling in scum fish.

admina: True. What's happening on your end?

clockface: I'm still trying to get Robot 10.02 to run correctly, because it's been running into problems as well.

admina: There's actually some place called Neocities that's a lot like what Geocities used to be. Apparently you can port more than just HTML scripts. I might look into finding the script for the game and actually uploading it.

clockface: I might still have access to the Antique Bandit Interactive webpage on . . . wait, Neocities? Well, I might be able to access the page still if the code is the same shoddy code Antique Bandit always uses. Although knowing how Antique Bandit likes to hype up products only for them to be 5-question quizes that are about as fun as an exam, I am curious as to why you want to upload the game to the web.

admina: Well, if it can help expose to the world how messed up Antique Bandit is, I'm willing to do it. Also, I feel like if more people can play these games, they might be able to find things we can't.

clockface: Fair enough. Just let me know what you want to do and I'll look into fixing whatever you send me before uploading it.

admina: Is that legal though?

clockface: I mean, I kind of own all the pages, so I think it is. The only reason I haven't updated the pages much is because Mr. Error likes to use such outdated technology while I moved on long ago.

admina: I should get going. Bye.

Conversation ended at 23:45, September 29th, 2019

Log 2

clockface: admina, I found something really weird.

admina: What do you mean?

clockface: When I woke up this morning, I checked my computer and found that Robot 10.02 had disappeared, and had been replaced by an unzipped folder called Robot 10.03. Inside was a new version of Robot that appears to date to being made this year, an updater, a virtual pet program, my antivirus program, and that demo disk I remember you showing off, along with something called Error Eradicator that was built into Robot 10.1 and Robot 10.02. It also had that Street Safety Training Program in a seperate folder.

admina: Is it another garbage version?

clockface: Surprisingly, no. It removed any need for passwords, and actually has story elements and even gameplay for once.

admina: That's nice, but I'm a little worried.

clockface: About what?

admina: Well, Mr. Error has been recently updating this website. I'm afraid he'll find out about us.

clockface: He probably already knows. All we can do is hope he doesn't try to get rid of us. This version of him doesn't seem as harmful. Unfortunately, I have no idea if or when that will change. I wouldn't get too worried though. I'll see you later.

admina: Bye . . .

Conversation ended at 09:09, October 27th, 2019