Hello. Mr. Error here. Below is a list of projects that we have made, and their status.

Robroto: Active. This project is worked on at a leisurely pace, so it'll get done when it gets done.

Viewpoint: Basically discontinued. We might release a Viewpoint video every once in a while, but it's not a major focus anymore.

Daydreams: Active. So, the thing is, this project was meant to be a lot like Viewpoint, but was going to be better and not as garbage. However, I soon lost interest in it and now it's just a label for our weird music, hooray . . .

CameraInTheWoods: Active. This is a collaboration, which is where the Johnny videos come from. However, we are merely hosting the videos and are not all that related. Any CameraInTheWoods videos that have connections to ABI are just more jokes and garbage and lies.

Let's Just Play a Game: ???; it's just some trash I made. It means nothing. Same with any of the meme videos on our channels.

Textspot: Essentially discontinued. There are currently no plans to release more videos of this project.

Black Hole: ???


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