Hello, wonderful customers!

So, very recently, I managed to figure out how to start editing this site again. Because this might be a little confusing for you guys, I decided to answer a few questions.

Question 1: Is there anything to this beside just a website?

Answer: There's actually a couple YouTube channels, whose videos I have made into a playlist:


I am confident that you guys are smart enough to figure out where to find the YouTube channels and any blogs on your own.

Question 2: Speaking of blogs, I actually heard from a blog entry that there's hidden pages not linked on the home page. How do you plan on making it easier for us to find them?

Answer: I just recently found some corrupted link extensions to all the hidden pages. Due to how "corrupted" they are, I must let you know that they are all .html extensions. I must tell you this to make sure you don't somehow get a virus or something. I can't figure out the rest of the information, however. All I know is that you have to "uncorrupt" the link extensions but then you can replace the html extension present in the website url with one of the ones you uncorrupted. Anyway, here they are: shgneteatmmcoh.s--b-w--erptoihelyofr; cirvhesdisotem.l; mlno.mdha-imhet; ou_onflnth.mdt;; ltfsem.lh; lsv.thiomde; ynlmlo--hetehuorsu-.behtd

Question 3: You said something about an alternate-universe Geocities website. Is it accessible? Does it even exist?

Answer: In your dimension, it does not exist. Please do not bug anyone about it, as they will have no idea what you are talking about and you'll look like a crazy person, and nobody wants to see that. However, if you're a bit confused about the idea of alternate universes/dimensions, I would suggest you find the blogs.

Question 4: Is there anything in particular that'll be uploaded to the YouTube channels soon?

Answer: I'm not too sure on this front, but I think Black Hole might be planning something for Halloween.

Question 5: I really like the website, but I don't see any games I can download. Why is that?

Answer: Unfortunately, we have found it hard to recover any games we made following a power outage some years ago. However, we recommend you remain watchful of the Games page, just in case we decide to make one of our projects available for public consumption again. We would also like to mention that there are security concerns about embedding a batch file onto a page, since batch code is somewhat-simple to write (and presumably simple to hack). However, you can use the email to email us about sending you the batch files. We kindly ask that you do not try to spam us or do anything that would annoy or harm us. Also let it be known that we might not send anything to you right away, but be watchful for when we do.

Please feel free to ask more questions.

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