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Hello and welcome to the history of Antique Bandit Interactive! Here at the company, which is currently known as the full name of Antique Bandit Interactive Universe International, we take pride in what we create, despite what people say about us. Our hours are excellent, but enough about the company. Let us tell you about the history of the company!

Hello. ABI Founder Mr. Error here. For those wondering what's accurate or not, just look for the red text. In other words, anything that's the color red is hogwash. Except for this message.


Our company started in 1960 as one of the pioneers of a new type of entertainment: video games. Because our creator, Allan Bandit, and his grandfather, nicknamed "Antique Bandit," both liked to read and write, they decided to start a company together. Seeing how entertainment was starting to turn towards more interactive fields, Allan knew he had to start making games that were comprised of text. Rumors claim that he eventually planned on making "actual games," but he stuck with text adventures and everyone at Antique Bandit is glad about that.

However, because video games were still in their infancy,

Antique Bandit Interactive also made sure to look into other fields of entertainment, such as books, music and radio, and even television. More on the television part later, but our radio station WABI 1470 AM started airing January 1st, 1970. Unfortunately, through the many natural-and questionable-disasters that have plagued our company, many of the earliest broadcastings, even important ones, have been mostly lost to time. We are lucky to have any type of archive at all thanks to people at home recording some of our broadcasts with what they could find.

The first game made by the new company was The Egg, a text adventure set in medieval times where you play as a late dragon hatchling.

Despite amazing reviews at the time,

the game has unfortunately been forgotten.

There isn't even access to a full version anymore, as any finished project files were lost during a massive power outage in 1984.

Antique Bandit Interactive actually published another game the same year, titled The Void. Not too much is known about the game, although the lucky few people who remember playing it say it was about "Antique Bandit" himself trapping you in a void until you released his spirit.

This would not make sense, however, as Grandpa Bandit wouldn't die until 1980.

While Allan was proud of his company, he was tired of making basic text adventures, so after the first two games were released, he decided to start making a bunch of different games at the same time, seeing which projects were good and which were not so good. The company was actually seeing some good profits after the success of their two games. However, the previously-mentioned power outage in 1984 killed all the games and sent Allan's motivation into the abyss with it. Some rumors say that somebody actually stole all the games data and then caused the power outage themselves. Other rumors claim that one of the games involved the creation of an AI that escaped the game world. Neither rumor is true. We can go into that some other time if you wish.

In 1985, our founder died from a broken heart. Many people believed that the company would go down with him, but the struggling company percevered, and in 1994 they released the first version of their longest game, The Robot. Right? Well, oddly enough, nobody remembers the game existing publically, although this is impossible because we have a record of the game sales. Some of the confusion might be from another seperate game, "Robot," although said game has actually never existed and is more or less vaporware.

In the latter 90s, we decided to finally branch out into the television industry. While we had a solid five-year run, in the end we couldn't keep up with the costs and had to stop. However, our radio broadcasts continue to this day, although it's only been as recently as 2020 that we've started uploading our broadcasts for online consumption.


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