Fearful Fox: What We Know So Far:

Fearful Fox was a video game planned for release primarily on the N64, with various other ports for other consoles to be released later on. However, due to various issues, no version of the game was ever released, and it is unclear if the game ever existed.

Fearful Fox: Reimagined?!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. According to the new CEO of Antique Bandit Interactive, admina, a reimagined version of the never-released N64 game, Fearful Fox, is in the works.

"This version of the game will focus less on mature themes, and certainly be more cutesy," admina said when interviewed. "While we still believe that animals should be treated well, we also came to the conclusion that trying to put a bunch of explicit theming related to animals being harmed bogged down the gameplay, and made the plot hard to follow."

Naturally, we asked admina if the old version, or any of the old versions, of the game would ever be released. "We have thought about doing that," she said, "however, there's not much to share unfortunately. The N64 version is the most finished, but even it is very confusing, and we have no clue how to fix the various crashes and bugs. We're a very small team at this moment."

We're looking forward to whatever may come from this reimagining.

This article was published on February 28th, 2022.

Mr. Error has been arrested. The original Fearful Fox, an advanced machine learning AI entity, has escaped from any form of confinement, and is now presumed to be wandering the broader internet. Said entity is named Timmy, and is believed to be the child of admina through unknown, albeit legal, means.

clockface: admina, I again have to thank you for letting me back in.

admina: No need. Your help is thanks enough. So, what have you found?

clockface: Well, to be blunt, I found a lot of garbage on this ABI website. Honestly though that was expected. I did find a page with your poems that are available for everyone to view. You sure you want to keep those up?

admina: Why wouldn't I? Mr. Error created me. I want to expose that [REDACTED] in every way I can.

clockface: But he's in prison now, is he not?

admina: I won't rest until he's DEAD.

admina here. I know this may be hard to believe, but I don't recall ever saying any of this. While I certainly dislike Mr. Error, I don't want him dead. I wouldn't be surprised if AdminBot was responsible for this.

Fearful Fox Reimagined Characters:

Ailing Armadillo, Bored Bat, Cowardly Cat, Diseased Dolphin, Enraged Eagle, Fearful Fox, Gorging Gopher, Horrified Hamster, Idiotic Iguana, Joking Jackrabbit, Kareful Kangeroo, Livid Llama, Mortified Monkey, Ordinary Opossum, Panicking Porcupine, Questionable Quetzal, Risky Rat, Scared Squirrel, Terrified Turtle, Unassuming Umbrellabird, Vitriolic Vulture, Warring Wolf, Xic Xeme, Yawning Yak, and Zooming Zebra. There are no antagonists that we have thought of at the moment.


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